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Automated External Defibrillator

   Protective Workwear and Workit workwear is more than just PPE - it includes items that will protect work clothes and skin. Check out our choice of disposable coveralls, welding protection, rain gear, high visibility workwear, and sun and other specialist protective workwear. Workwear that protects clothes from dirt, chemicals and the weather - ProChoice and Workit has a growing range.

Where applicable, our protective workwear meets industry certification, and has been designed with varieties of work conditions in mind. ProChoice workwear that is designed to be worn outside normal work clothes, are equipped with convenient straight through slits to enable access to your pockets. This is Protective Workwear for workers.
                    Disposable                                       Hi-Vis 2-Tone Drill Shirt
                             Coveralls                               with 3M Reflective Tape