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   ProBand Fixed Headband Earplugs - HBEPA
Product Detail
  • Class 4, SLC8024dB
  • Provides wearer the highest level of protection for a headband earplug
  • Hearing protection for noise levels up to 109dB
  • Disposable PU foam pads are ergonomically designed to fit the ear for maximum proteciton Ideal when moving in and out of high noise areas, fits comfortably around the neck when not in use
  • Set comes with bonus replacement earplug pads
  • For general and industrial use
  • Qty/pack - 1 complete set with bonus replacement earplug pads
  • Qty/Box - 10 packs Qty/Carton - 10 boxes
A level of 85 decibels is considered hazardous to hearing if you're exposed to it for more than eight hours a day. 85 decibels is about the same level as busy city traffic, or an idling bulldozer.