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"Safety & Beyond"
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Automated External Defibrillator

Our Vision: "Our desire to be the customers' preferred supplier of safety equipments and provider of safety solutions designed to fit the need " .

Mission statement: "Haisar is the vital link in the supply chain process between the customers and the suppliers providing added value with efficient and cost-effective services and solutions".
Our deliveries go beyond PPEs:
  • Custom-made Vests, T-shirts & Uniform.
  • Emergency Response, First Aid & Basic medical equipments.
  • Fire Fighting Equipments & Fire Fighting Suits
  • Branded Gas Detectors with calibration services.
  • Spill Kits & Containment System.
  • Traffic Control Equipments.
  • Custom-made signages, display boards, HSE Statistic Boards and Banners.
  • Marine Safety Products.
  • Environment Friendly DOE Approved Oil-Spill Dispersant.
  • Health - Skin protect cream with dispensers
  • Communication Tools - Walkie Talkie.
  • Genaral Hardwares & Tools.
  • Additional Services - Safety Trainings, Audits & Manufacturing Consultancy.